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Waking Up From Hibernation

The people of Moon Lake are waking up from winter hibernation. Not physically like bears, but they still must shake off that feeling of being burrowed away for so many months. Emerging from the cozy comfort of your dwelling into the new season takes adjustment. The bright sunshine causes one to squint like a mole […]

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Death Eater Vs. Mary Beth

I was outside at 5:30 am with my little dog that has a little bladder and discovered something about humankind. It’s a pretty big accomplishment at that hour. I don’t think such compelling insight like this typically occurs for other people, while wearing pajamas and standing at the end of your driveway, holding a dog […]

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Betty Boop’s “Pizzazz” Fizzles Mine

Twice a week, I take one of my sons to a speech therapy appointment where we check in with the same front desk receptionist every time. After going so often, I have had the opportunity to study the person sitting behind the check-in desk and have gotten to know little snippets about her life. She […]

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Welcome to Moon Lake

Moon Lake

Dear Friend, Welcome to Moon Lake, a small town replete with charm and good intentions, where life is a kaleidoscope and each person is unique…. just like everyone else.  I’m thrilled to introduce you to my latest creation: the fictional town and world of Moon Lake. Tucked away in the beautiful North Woods of Minnesota, […]

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