Moon Lake Life

Breath of snow

Snow Scene

              I imagine it’s a snowy day in Moon Lake and the good townsfolk are nestled in their homes trying to stay warm by drinking hot liquids and wearing an extra layer of clothing. The temperature sometimes warms up to above zero, as this winter has broken records as the coldest […]

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The bliss of “nothing” is what you crave…

Young girl sitting by lake

                      This week there are far more “Sightings” than Satire in Moon Lake. The summer crowd has descended like locusts in biblical proportions. It is that time of year when our charming and quaint town triples in population and finding parking on Main Street actually becomes […]

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Rhubarb makes you Pucker with Pleasure


Lazy dazy summer afternoons have descended upon Moon Lake, which means rhubarb is abundant. People don’t think of it as a fruit and certainly not a vegetable, but a voracious weed that takes over your garden. The mysterious plant that’s strong in flavor and sturdy in structure, survives in both sun and shade, and is waiting to be […]

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