Moon Lake


Moon Lake

Dear Friend,

Welcome to Moon Lake!  A small town replete with charm and good intentions.

 I’m thrilled to introduce you to my latest creation: the fictional town and world of Moon Lake. Tucked away in the beautiful North Woods of Minnesota, Moon Lake reminds you of a simpler time, yet the struggles and drama found in this cozy town are the same as yours. You’ll find the people quirky and something familiar in them….something that speaks to you…something that you recognize in your own lives. 

The people of Moon Lake will be popping in to share some thoughts or interesting events and circumstances from their life. My favorite “pop in guests” includes the eccentric artist Arielle, who loves to share her latest recipe, and “Dear Myrtle,” offering her advice. In the Author’s Commentary, I hope my personal dialogue gives food for thought or at least a chuckle.

I am looking forward to publishing my Moon Lake series soon. In the meantime, I hope to familiarize you with the town and people that have crept into my dreams, taken over my writing, and have found a place in my heart. I created this website to share stories that I hope will make you smile. My intention has always been to remind people of the good in the world and spread light. 




Book one of the Moon Lake series:

The story follows the gripping journey of Cora Matthews, as she is brought back to a place that she was taken away from as a child and never allowed to return.

That is, until the death of her mother forces her to reconcile with what has haunted her since she was child. As old ghosts are put to rest, new ones emerge. Her desire to start a new life in Moon Lake does not go as smoothly as she anticipates. She quickly learns that living in Moon Lake presents as many challenges as it does surprises. Many secrets unfold and tragedy finds her once again, destroying everything she has built.

However, it is the wild stories from a witch in a cemetery, bread from an eccentric artist, tea parties with a Victorian lady, the satire of a mysterious cat woman and the grit of a handyman that make her see the blessings in life.

Cora often finds herself in hilarious and humiliating situations, where her neighbor Ben Walker is often present to witness and rescue her. Ben is the one person she wants to avoid, yet their paths continue to cross. By going on faith, she ends up forming a family among strangers, discovers strength that she didn’t know she possessed, and even finds love when she wasn’t looking.

Moon Lake is ultimately about how our relationships with others affect us. The story reminds us of what truly matters and redefines our idea of family. The small town charm, unique characters, hilarious mishaps and heartwarming life lessons make you laugh, cry and leave you with hope.

Let me know when the book comes out!