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with Holly Varni

Holly Varni

On Moonberry Lake

Cora Matthews has long wondered why her mother stopped taking her to visit her grandparents’ lodge in the small Northwoods Minnesota town of Moonberry Lake. Now, after burying her mother and breaking off her engagement just two weeks before her wedding, Cora has a chance to find out. Once there, she is stunned to learn that the old lodge is her inheritance–with a surprising condition attached. Maybe some time to regroup on the shores of a beautiful lake is just what Cora needs to figure out what’s next for her.

But Cora’s days on the lake are anything but relaxing. The only thing that’s a bigger mess than her own life is the dilapidated building she’s living in. Add a cantankerous handywoman, an angry neighbor, and an elderly woman who spends all her time talking to the “residents” in the cemetery and Cora’s not sure she can stick it out. But if she can, she may find a love she never expected–from the most unexpected people imaginable. This homespun tale of new friendships, sweet romance, and ordinary miracles will have you wishing you could spend a summer (or a lifetime) on Moonberry Lake.

The Blooming of Delphinium

As far as hidden talents go, Delphinium Hayes is blessed with one of the more unique ones. 

With the slightest passing whiff, she knows someone’s most admirable or weediest characteristic. This peculiar perception never fails to give her an advantage in life—until she meets two men who turn her world upside down.

Mason McCormack has agreed to help her with a group of seniors who have taken over her flower shop as their hang-out. But his assistance is not without its price, and Delphinium agrees to compensate him with beautiful bouquets that seem to possess a bit of dating magic.

Elliot Sturgis, director of The Gardens Assisted Living Facility, is determined to discover why a group of his residents keep sneaking over to Delphinium’s shop to play poker in the walk-in refrigerator. He soon finds himself as enchanted as everyone else by Delphinium. But his devotion to following the rules and maintaining order does not endear him to the shop’s owner.

Sparks fly as opposites attract and love finds a match in Delphinium’s Flora Emporium—even for those who resist it the most.