Moments from Moonberry Lake

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moments from moonberry lake

About the Show

In the Moments from Moonberry Lake Podcast, author Holly Varni shares news from the small, fictional town of Moonberry Lake. She reads short commentaries and stories from beloved characters.

Tucked away in the beautiful North Woods of Minnesota, Moonberry Lake reminds you of a simpler time, yet the struggles and drama revealed will feel similar to today. You’ll hopefully find something familiar in the quirky characters that speak to you and makes you smile.


About the Host

Holly Varni is a native Minnesotan of strong Norwegian descent, who was raised in the Lutheran Church that Garrison Keillor made a career depicting. Between the lutefisk, grumpy grandparents, and the crazy neighbor who mowed his lawn wearing pajamas, the seed to becoming a storyteller was planted. She wants to give readers characters they can connect with, admire, laugh at, and most of all love.

In her personal life, she married a University Professor with the same chocolate eyes as her romantic lead. They live on the Central Coast of California with their three sons. The characters of Moonberry Lake and their unique stories came about as she was trying to survive being a boy mom. When not doing laundry or writing, she has the privilege of being a Hospice volunteer, where she sits with the dying and listens to their stories.

Holly Varni

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